Engineering Services

KSOFT Ltd. provides onsite and offsite services to companies lacking certain skills and experience for completing various projects in CAD/CAM area. Our staff is readily available to help your company to materialize its creative ideas and products.
Listed below are some of the proposed services:

CAD/CAM Add-on Applications

KSOFT Ltd. specilizes in development of customer tailored CAD/CAM add-on applications. Our goal is to serve the needs of companies that find the standard functionality of CAD/CAM products insufficient for their design and manufacturing processes.
KSOFT Ltd. has years of experience in CAD/CAM programming and possesses insightfull knowledge of the current technologies making it the ultimate team to provide you with the most suitable solution.
Product Development

KSOFT Ltd. develops and markets several proprietary CAD-independent products. We are constantly looking for new ideas and always willing to partner and collaborate in developing them.

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